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Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Genesis Of The Lee Resolution

Resolution of the Virginia Convention, May 15, 1776:

Resolved, unanimously,

That the Delegates appointed to represent this Colony in General Congress be instructed to propose to that respectable body to declare the United Colonies free and independent States, absolved from all allegiance to, or dependence upon, the Crown or Parliament of Great Britain;

and that they give the assent of this Colony to such declaration, and to whatever measures may be thought proper and necessary by the Congress for forming foreign alliances, and a Confederation of the Colonies, at such time and in the manner as to them shall seem best:

Provided, That the power of forming Government for, and the regulations of the internal concerns of each Colony, be left to the respective Colonial Legislatures.

And thus, Richard Henry Lee proposed independence just a few weeks later...


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