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Wednesday, March 13, 2019

The Kids Must See Captain Marvel

Yeah, but [90s movies] were all bad:

Captain Marvel may not, as one especially hysterical bit of fanboy outrage puts it, “castrate” Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury, but the movie does take a shot—literally—at another action-movie icon. When Brie Larson’s Carol Danvers crashes to Earth in the mid-1990s, she lands in a Blockbuster Video, and the first thing she sees is a cardboard stand-up for the movie True Lies, featuring a tuxedoed Arnold Schwarzenegger with an admiring Jamie Lee Curtis draped over his shoulder. Still groggy from the intergalactic trip and rattled by her unfamiliar surroundings, Carol reads the gun-wielding figure as a threat and fires a photon blast in his direction, leaving a smoking hole where Arnold’s head used to be.

I admit that as a young man I enjoyed True Lies and even owned it on VHS (just one of many things from that epocha that will seem fantastically archaic to Sadie and Sam).  As an evolved old man I see it for the misogynistic crap it was, and am happy that not only did Carol blast Arnie's head off, but that Cameron will likely never let the movie be released on modern media.

Anywayz, we loved Wonder Woman--Sadie especially did--and I'd really like the kids to see yet another female superhero kick ass on screen and at the box office.


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