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Wednesday, February 06, 2019

We Hate These Tea Bags

On this date, 1788, the Massachussetts Convention ratified the Constitution.  They also proposed several amendments, including:

Fifthly. That Congress erect no company with exclusive advantages of commerce.

Perhaps a bad taste left by some bad tea?  Seems to be the case:

In the early history of our country no small prejudice existed against privileged and monopolistic companies as a result of the experiences with such concerns in England. In connection with the ratification of the Federal Constitution the subject of mercantile monopolies came to the foreground. On motion of Samuel Adams the Massachusetts ratifying convention voted to recommend as an amendment "That Congress erect no company of merchants with exclusive advantages of commerce." Similar recommendations were adopted by the conventions of New York, New Hampshire, North Carolina and Rhode Island. However, when the matter was taken up in Congress, in August and September 1789 and again in 1793, it did not come to a vote.

Well, it did appear to come to a vote, but failed.  Regardless, we still have a long history of skepticism toward corporatism, particularly state-supported shit.  Much good that's done...


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