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Saturday, January 12, 2019

Forget It, Jake...It's Estacada

The other day, Ericka and I were heading to Once Upon A Child in Salem, OR, because we feed our kids too much and they keep outgrowing their clothes. 

Heading there and back along OR-211, we noticed a strange police presence at various points, with Clackamas County Search and Rescue near Ellwood (home of the guy who brought his mom's severed head into the grocery store where Ericka used to work as a teenager), motorcycle cops giving us sideyes in Silverton, even drones out over fields in Molalla (which made us feel like that scene in Goodfellas).  At first we worried it was another sad incident in the river, but then thought just maybe it had to do with a tweaker who'd been terrorizing a nearby community with break-ins, car thefts, etc.

Yeah, it was he (his parents spelled 'Nathaniel' wrong, I'll note.)

Anyway, now we're building a conspiracy board using social media and public records to connect all this kid's extracurricular activities, along with his aunt's and uncle's, to literal trash and other randos whom we've found along the way.  I swear this will connect to Russia's undermining our democracy if you give us and Mueller enough time.

The family that sleuths together stays together.  More updates unless we've been targeted by a cartel or something...


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Which one of you is Basil Rathbone and which one is Benedict Bumpercarton?

Posted by: Mary | Jan 13, 2019 7:08:48 AM

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