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Monday, September 10, 2018

Every [American] values himself exceedingly

I know pretty much everybody has seen the news today, oh boy:

A white Dallas police officer says she shot her black neighbor whose home she mistakenly entered after he ignored her "verbal commands," police wrote in an arrest affidavit released Monday.

Even before there was a United States of America, John Adams relied on the Castle Doctrine in legal proceedings:

An [American's] dwelling House is his Castle. The Law has erected a Fortification round it—and as every Man is Party to the Law, i.e. the Law is a Covenant of every Member of society with every other Member, therefore every Member of Society has entered into a solemn Covenant with every other that he shall enjoy in his own dwelling House as compleat a security, safety and Peace and Tranquility as if it was surrounded with Walls of Brass, with Ramparts and Palisadoes and defended with a Garrison and Artillery.

So I expect the NRA and Donald Trump to weigh in on this matter with their exceedingly valuable thoughts...


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