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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

hideous hermaphroditical character, which has neither the force and firmness of a man, nor the gentleness and sensibility of a woman

Well, winning a duel isn't exactly treason, but whatever.  Letters Aaron Burr wrote to Joseph Alston after shooting Alexander Hamilton on this date:

New-York, July 13,1804.

General Hamilton died yesterday. The malignant federalists or tories, and the imbittered Clintonians, unite in endeavouring to excite public sympathy in his favour and indignation against lus antagonist. Thousands of absurd falsehoods are circulated with industry. The most illiberal means are practised in order to produce excitement, and, for the moment, with effect.

July 18, 1804.

The event of which you have been advised has driven me into a sort of exile, and may terminate in an actual and permanent ostracism. Our most unprincipled Jacobins are the loudest in their lamentations for the death of General Hamilton, whom, for many years, they have uniformly represented as the most detestable and unprincipled of men— the motives are obvious.

Every sort of persecution is to be exercised against me. A coroner's jury will sit this evening, being the fourth time. The object of this unexampled measure is to obtain an inquest of murder. Upon this a warrant will issue to apprehend me, and, if I should be taken, no bail would probably be allowed. You know enough of the temper and principles of the generality of the officers of our state government to form a judgment of my position.

...Several circumstances not very favourable to the deceased are suppressed; I presume, from holy reverence for the dead.

What a whiny asshole, but it took something more like actual treason to end his political career.  For more info on the duel, check out Drunk History, featuring Michael Cera as Hamilton.


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