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Thursday, June 14, 2018

Remember, The Bible Can Justify Anything

Remember when the Bible meant a woman couldn't be preznit?  And now it's all good to justify ripping families apart, just like Founding Father PGT Beauregard meant.  Nice to know that NOW, gummint is good and one should always follow the law to the absolute letter.


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The Bible also says, inter alia, that people who work on the Sabbath, disobedient children, and women who fail to cry out while they are being raped should be killed. The Bible is fine with slavery. God slaughters millions of people in the Bible. The Bible is a really shitty guide to morality.

Posted by: Frederick Rhine | Jun 14, 2018 8:09:41 PM

I'd like the citations for some of those claims that the Bible says all those people should be killed, though I will admit that it does say that disobedient children should be I doubt that was ever really done. Is there any documentation that it happened.

Consider how George W. Bush invaded Iraq in the name of democracy, illegally invading another country on false pretenses to impose democracy on a country from outside. Does that make everything that has happened as part of American democracy illegitimate? We know that many bad things have been done on the basis of the Constitution. The excuse for creating "corporate person hood" was the Civil War amendments which were certainly not written for that purpose, Citizens United and Buckley v. Valeo and the current American-Nazi enabling discourse of "free speech" are all built on the First Amendment, the gun industry profiting shooting spree that the United States is engaged in is based on the Second Amendment and the Federalist Fascists are as able to cite chapter and verse of the Constitution to enable their depravity.

The Bible can be used to excuse all manner of depravity if it is desired, though as Marilynne Robinson has pointed out, a lot of what is used that way functions far more as the Hebrew Peoples' minute self-examination of the moral character of their lives in the world than it does permission. There is certainly no one more exigent in using the Bible as a way of critiquing current market-ideology that has swept the United States and the world than the great Old Testament scholar, Walter Brueggemann. He does so using the moral insights contained in the Scripture. Go listen to his lectures, sermons, interviews, on Youtube and you'll find stuff more radical than anything you'll hear or read from the official secular left. I would take Brueggemann's or Abraham Heschel's reading of the Scriptures as a guide for morality over any secular articulation presented as an ersatz, artificial substitute for it.

Posted by: Anthony McCarthy | Jun 17, 2018 6:46:56 AM

People say that's what the Bible sez. Very stable genius people. People at the higher ends of intelligence.

Posted by: Rmj | Jul 18, 2018 8:43:14 AM

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