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Saturday, June 23, 2018

No Civil War Is Civil

Ericka has been encouraging me to revive Gene Sharp's 198 Methods of Non-violent Resistance from ye olde Pax Americana days.  Thanks, Sarah Sanders for giving me the perfect initial re-entry.  And here we are with an example of Pressures on Individuals:

31. "Haunting" officials

As a means of remind officials of the "immorality" of their behavior in repressing a nonviolent resistance movement and of the determination and fearlessness of the population, volunteers may sometimes follow and "haunt" officials everywhere they go, thus constantly reminding them of the population's determination.  For example, as Joan Bondurant has reported, during the 1928 Bardoli campaign in India: "Volunteers followed officials everywhere, camping on roads outside official bungalows.  When arrested, they were replaced by others until authorities tired of the process."

When they help kidnap babies, we must haunt them.  Fuck calls for civility.  


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