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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Russian Spring

Congratulations to Russian-American President Putin!


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Seeing how Russia went from Communism to Mafia state so fast led me to understand what Faulkner said about the past not even being past. It takes centuries for a people to unlearn the habits of thought that come with serfdom and dictatorial oppression. It also makes me understand the time scale of the Old Testament is set, how things happened over generations and not in the speed with which you can come to a logical conclusion.

But it took seeing things in the United States to make me understand how fast lies can corrupt and thwart the development of a democracy. How an ideology of absolute freedom can turn to a nation suckered by billionaires foreign and domestic.

Posted by: Anthony McCarthy | Mar 19, 2018 3:49:35 AM

Whenever I hear from ordinary Russians in BBC news reports, they sound oddly like Trump supporters: convinced the world runs on conspiracies, that everything said about Russia is "fake news," that the nations of the world are arranged against Russia in all things.

And the Russian government, now defending itself against charges of murder in the UK, declares a world-wide conspiracy as the nations of the world besieged the "fortress" that is Russia.

This is undoubtedly a distorted and simplistic picture of a nation (it would be of any nation), but the similarities to Trump and his "base" are truly frightening. Our prior leaders were "stupid," the world has taken advantage of us, and only a "strong man" like Trump can save us from the perfidy of those we relied on before he decided to protect us.

Nothin' but good times ahead!

Posted by: Rmj | Mar 19, 2018 5:24:36 AM

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