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Thursday, February 15, 2018

The Age In Which We Live

Excerpt of an email from the kids' school district:

Our staff and administrators have proactive trainings, drills, and emergency routines that are practiced regularly and taken very seriously. We do drills to ensure that if a crisis occurs, our students and staff have the resources and knowledge to act safely.

We are also working to create a culture of kindness, support, and inclusivity in each of our buildings. Our students are supported by counselors, who are also making themselves available for students to discuss this recent event. If you have questions on how to have these dicussions with your children, please contact your child's school, or read more here, and here. We have an anonymous tip line available to students at http://safeoregon.com/report-a-tip/ that is monitored daily. Please take this opportunity to talk with your children about the importance of speaking up if they become aware of a possible threat that could impact students. Telling a trusted adult could save lives.

I'm so tired of all the winning...


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That, and the state will pay for the funerals!

Why worry?

Posted by: Rmj | Feb 16, 2018 7:16:28 AM

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