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Monday, January 01, 2018

Make The Calendar Great Again

I cannot but think there is, at the bottom, a latent Popish interest, which (under other specious Pretenses) sets it on foot; in order to obtain (in practise) a kind of tacit submission to the Pope's Supremacy, or owning his Authority.

- Doctor John Wallis to the Arch-Bishop of Canterbury, June 13, 1699

Calendar (New Style) Act 1750:

Whereas the legal supputation of the year of our Lord in that part of Great Britain called England, according to which the year beginneth on the twenty-fifth day of March, hath been found by experience to be attended with divers inconveniencies, not only as it differs from the usage of neighbouring nations, hit also from the legal method of computation in that part of Great Britain called Scotland, and from the common usage throughout the whole kingdom, and thereby frequent, mistakes are occasioned in the dates of deeds, and other writings, and disputes arise therefrom: and whereas the calendar now in use throughout all his Majesty's British dominions, commonly called The Julian Calendar, hath been discovered to be erroneous...may it therefore please your Majesty that it may be enacted...

That in and throughout all his Majesty's dominions and countries in Europe,AsiaAfrica and America...the said supputation, according to which the year of our Lord beginneth on the twenty-fifth day of March, shall not be made use of from and after the last day of December one thousand seven hundred and fifty-one; and that the first day of January next following the said last day of December shall be reckoned, taken, deemed and accounted to be the first day of the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred fifty-two...and that from and after the said first day of Januaryone thousand seven hundred and fifty-two, the several days of each month shall go on, and be reckoned in the same order...as they now are, until the second day of September in the said year one thousand seven hundred and fifty-two inclusive; and that the natural day next immediately following the said second day of September, shall be called, reckoned and accounted to be the fourteenth day of September, omitting for that time only the eleven intermediate nominal days of the common calendar...

Apparently there was not, in fact, any rioting over the loss of eleven days in the calendar, but the Act was a significant issue during the 1754 election.  Rational reforms always piss somebody off...


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