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Sunday, November 12, 2017

The Medical Community Is Doogie Howser Before He Finished High School

We rode MAX downtown yesterday to enjoy Saturday Market and show the kids around Portland a bit.  Unfortunately, as part of the New Normal, even just a short walking jaunt and a few seconds exposure to the heat of Powell's did Ericka in.  After a month of "recovery" from meningitis related to her condition, she's at an even greater deficit than ever.

As we rode the train back to Clackamas Town Center, Sam kept saying, "this is our stop!" because he saw 'Clackamas' on the signs pointing to which track you needed to board.  He didn't look for other clues like the station info, or the ginormous parking garage that is right next to our destination.

That's pretty much how doctors have treated Ericka up to this point.  See one sign, assume you've got the answer, hurrah, let's move on.  It's menopause!  It's sinusitis!  It's a headache!  Take two aspirin and call me never.

They've been as observant as our son.  Sam's excuse is, you know, that he's only 8.  What's theirs?


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