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Sunday, November 12, 2017

Of All The Cleveland Browns, They Are The Cleveland Browniest

My baseball team lost in the ALDS.  My football team is now 0-9.  At least my non-Cleveland hoops team is currently playing decent ball:

Apparently the Celtics don’t even need players. Just Brad Stevens’s standing on the sideline, pointing his brain waves at the ball for 48 minutes. Last night they lost Kyrie Irving after teammate Aron Baynes elbowed him across the nose, fell behind by as many as 18 points, and came all the way back to record their 11th consecutive win. And I for one have had enough of this shit.

The Celtics have played all but five minutes of this season without Gordon Hayward, their marquee free agent acquisition. Last night, against a solid and healthy Hornets squad, they lost their marquee trade acquisition. Did it matter? Does anything matter? Is Brad Stevens, in fact, the “It’s a Good Life” child?

Thankfully, I didn't jinx the Big Green Machine's 12th straight win.


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