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Sunday, November 26, 2017

Leaving To Spend More Time With His Constitution


Rep. John Conyers has decided to resign from his post as the leading Democrat on the Judiciary Committee after accusations that he sexually harassed aides.

Yeah, I still resent him and his disdain for my beloved Pinkers, in hearings and elsewhere.


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Eh, no love for Conyers, but no love for punishments, either. Is this "good"? I dunno. Kirsten Powers was on NPR this morning arguing that Monica, who was no older than Powers at the time, is still frozen in amber 25 years later and shouldn't have any agency as an adult because of the "power differential," which is a new way of applying the sins of patriarchy but doing it as a feminist, so it's okay.

The whole thing is not a process nor a solution, and it's spinning out of control. The difference between a Conyers or a Franken and a Moore or Trump is that Moore is seeking office and deserves the scrutiny before he is elected (even if there is no due process involved) and Trump, frankly, stands on the side with Conyers and Franken, except he isn't even subject to an ethics review. Elected officials hold office at the pleasure of the electorate, barring some cause for impeachment, and Congresscritters can't be impeached, only removed by their respective legislative bodies.

But the urge to purify is going to lead to an eye for an eye, and when everyone is one-sighted, what justice is rendered then?

Posted by: Rmj | Nov 27, 2017 4:53:51 AM

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