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Wednesday, April 19, 2017


The Museum:

I was with my mom and dad and we were going to a museum.  I was 4 it was in 2014 it was in the day then we still were not there.  It felt like hours. [ed. note: it did, in fact, take hours] But still not there yet.  

I was looking out the window.  It was fun.  It was butiful [sic].  I did not sleep.  Then we got some food then we were close.  Then it was very close.  I could not wait.  

Then we got more food. [ed. note: we like food] Before we were there.

We got to New York. [ed. note: in reality, it was southern VT]  Then we were at the museum.  Then I got to see the t-rex skeleton.  

Then we got a book about Sue.  I was very happy.  Sue was the biggest t-rex ever.  [ed. note: close enough for gummint work]

Samuel Pritsky.


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