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Sunday, January 08, 2017

Corruption Is As Corruption Does

Melancton Smith, Anti-Federalist delegate to New York's ratification convention, June of 1788:

If great affairs of government were trusted to a few men, they would be more liable to corruption. Corruption, he knew, was unfashionable amongst us, but he supposed that Americans were like other men; and tho' they had hitherto displayed great virtues, still they were men; and therefore such steps should be taken as to prevent the possibility of corruption. We were now in that stage of society, in which we could deliberate with freedom;--how long it might continue, God only knew! Twenty years hence, perhaps, these maxims might become unfashionable...


God only knew...


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I have a strong feeling that he's as big a sleeveen as his crooked old man is, the guy who hired a high-price whore to seduce his bro-in-law so he could record the tryst and send the tape to his own sister so it would arrive the day of a family party, in retaliation for them turning state's witnesses over his criminal activity during a lawsuit by another brother.

That Kushner family, they're rich trash.

Posted by: Anthony McCarthy | Jan 8, 2017 9:44:02 AM

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