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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Keep Revolution Alive

I'll just say this to #BernieOrBusters: if you want the revolution to continue, you need to put more skin in the game than booing or walking out of the DNC.  Go home, get involved in your local party committees (Democratic or otherwise). Actually do shit for the Republic.

Then you can have a Fart In.


PS--I supported Kucinich in '08, then worked my ass off to get Obama elected even in the wake of my great disappointment.  After that, I went to demonstrate with Code Pink at his inauguration, constructively criticized his approach to healthcare reform, and engaged in other activities to try effecting change.  Not the only way to do it, of course, but people might consider what Gandhi said about how scrupulous a satyagrahi must be before trying to undermine the existing order.

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