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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Religious Accommodations For Plan B, But Not For Peyote

Conservatives legitimately ask Why Can't I Discriminate If I Really, Really Hate Something?

[I]n 2007, the Washington State Board of Pharmacy issued new regulations declaring that a pharmacy may not “refuse to deliver a drug or device to a patient because its owner objects to delivery on religious, moral, or other personal grounds.” Quite reasonably, the board felt Washington pharmacies should not be permitted to deny patients safe, legal drugs—which was a growing problem within the state: In addition to Plan B, religious pharmacists had refused to give patients diabetic syringes, insulin, HIV-related medications, and Valium. That, the board decided, was unacceptable. Pharmacists have every right to believe whatever they wish, but when those beliefs are manifested in the form of brazen discrimination against customers, they cannot be sanctioned by the law. In 2015, the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed the constitutionality of Washington’s regulation.

Alito, along with Thomas and Roberts, seesStormans differently. “There are strong reasons to doubt,” Alito writes, “whether the regulations … actually serve … any legitimate purpose.”

There are strong reasons to doubt whether Justice Alito serves any legitimate purpose.


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Alito does serve as a good example of how, during Senate Judiciary hearings, Republican candidates can lie through their teeth as everyone in the room knows they're lying. All they have to do is follow certain forms of lying and the entire news media, the entire Republican and much of the Democratic side will not press the issue even as they and anyone who can follow what's going on know that he's lying.

Oh, and a few well chosen tears by the spouse don't hurt either. His hearing put me off the Senate and, especially, the judiciary committee for years. Not to mention the media, which I hate.

Posted by: Anthony McCarthy | Jun 28, 2016 6:52:30 PM

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