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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Fuck Nil Nisi Bonum


In the moments after Scalia’s death was announced, there were immediate exhortations — some of it concern trolling, some of it genuine appeal to courtesy — to not speak of the great damage he did to the lives of many as part of his public office. To think of his friends and family, and what they would like to hear said about him. To not speak ill of the dead.

And you know what? It does nobody any good to not speak ill of the dead, especially not the friends and family of the deceased.

When I die, I fully expect somebody to haul out every mean, nonsensical, jerkwaded thing I ever said and read it from a podium at my funeral.

I'm glad Scalia's a fucking corpse.  Too bad the hateful asshole didn't have the courtesy to drop dead sooner.


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The problem with speaking ill of the dead is that they cannot respond.

The other problem is the position of judgment: your actions hurt others? My actions? Well, my intentions were good.....

Like the man said, an eye for an eye leaves everyone blind.

Posted by: Rmj | Feb 18, 2016 5:06:47 AM

Oh, and in direct response to Athenae's claim about her death: you won't be there, dear. Don't speak for your family and friends, they may not agree with you.

When you are dead you lose all control over your legacy and what people say about you, or remember about you (you don't really control that now, but at least you can respond). The rule of not speaking ill of the dead is a societal one, sort of like not belching loudly at the table. It's just a kindness to the rest of us. You may not care about the belches, but the rest of us do.

Same reasoning in either case. Except, as I say, in the case of death, you won't be there to expect anything. Leave the expectations to the living. If I don't jump on Scalia's accomplishments with criticisms of his person, it's out of respect for his family.

He's beyond caring. Besides, from all accounts, he'd relish the argument. Except, as I say, he's not here to have it anymore.

Posted by: Rmj | Feb 18, 2016 5:11:40 AM

Don't care that he's not around to respond. That's why you gotta not be a dick in life.

And my speaking ill denies nobody their civil rights, as his writing ill did. I'm not overly concerned about the people who loved dog-loving ('cept when he needed to test cyanide) Hitler, either. Fuck Godwin, too.

Posted by: NTodd | Feb 18, 2016 5:32:09 AM

It reminds me of the old story of a recent widow going to a priest to pay for a memorial mass for him.

Priest - I'm sure that when we pray for him his stay in purgatory will be soon over.

Widow - Oh, I don't want you to pray for that, I want you to pray he stays there a good long time.

While I reject the idea of eternal damnation, I'd like there to be some kind of just desserts. I'd like to see him as an ignored dissenter on a court of much smarter women, black women, Lesbians, ... there are so many satisfying fantasy scenarios possible.

I'm certainly glad he's not going to be on the court, though I'd rather he'd been impeached for the kind of thing he was doing when he had the heart attack he was well overdue for. It's fitting that he died on a hunting junket, shooting recently released tame birds. He was corrupt, he was an evil man who relished doing evil, even sanctioning the judicial murder of innocent people and a myriad of other things.

I think the prohibition on speaking ill of the dead should reside only in lying about them, telling the truth about them shouldn't be any less fair once they're dead than it is while they're alive. In that I'm a lot more charitable to the dead than the "free speech" industry is to anyone living or dead under decisions promoted by Scalia. I believe he supported the right to lie in political ads.

Posted by: Anthony McCarthy | Feb 18, 2016 7:36:04 AM

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