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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Perhaps Today Is A Good Day To Surrender

The British seem to give up on this date:

As Joseph Ellis wrote of the fighting in 1776:

Our recent experiences in Southeast Asia and the Middle East have prepared us to understand the dilemmas confronting armies of occupation in a distant land, facing an indigenous enemy with a revolutionary agenda. The Howe brothers had the misfortune to encounter those conditions for the first time in modern history, so they confidently assumed their military superiority would prove decisive because they had no reason to believe otherwise. And from a conventional military point of view, at least tactically, their conduct of the New York campaign was a textbook example of a coordinated naval and ground operafion. But our perspective as a somewhat chastened imperialistic power changes tbe core question. It was not “How could the British possibly lose?" but rather “Was there any realistic chance for them to win?”

Thank G-d we're so much wiser and more powerful than the Brits...


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