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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Nobody Really Wanted Texas

Well, sure, why not look more closely at that House journal from December 14, 1841:

Mr. Gates presented a petition of nine citizens of the county of Niagara, in the State of New York, asking that any preposition for the annexation of Texas may be rejected.
Mr. Barnard presented a remonstrance of citizens of Albany, in the State of New York, against the admission of Texas into the Union.
Also, the petition of David Barber and others, of the county of Tompkins, in New York, praying that Florida and Texas be not admitted into the Union except as free States.
Mr. John Quincy Adams presented a petition of James T. Woodbury and others, legal voters of Acton, in the State of Massachusetts, praying that the republic of Texas be not admitted into the Union.

Would've been a mite less fuss and bother if we'd not taken the slavers in.  Anyway, I'll be revisiting Texas, slavery, and John Quincy Adams in a few days.  Mark your calendars!


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