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Monday, July 21, 2014

At Least They're Keeping Things In Perspective

Sarah Palin Johnson is right!

This president’s forgotten man is we the people, and we the people know that our best days are still ahead because we know that God shed his grace. He’s given us our freedom to do what’s right. God doesn’t drive parked cars. I think he expects us to get up and take action in order to defend these freedoms that are God given. I think it’s an affront to God to let this go on because he gave us these freedoms. We’re not going to let someone, a person, a party take them from us. We’re not going to dethrone God and substitute him with someone who wants to play God.

She's really pulling her punches, though, compared to this guy:

We all know, if there ever was a president that deserved to be impeached, it’s this guy. Alright? And I wouldn’t stop. I would think being hung, drawn, and quartered is probably too good for him.

He seems nice.


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"God doesn't drive parked cars"?

Does this phrase mean something in some dialect I'm unfamiliar with?

Posted by: Rmj | Jul 22, 2014 6:13:29 AM

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