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Saturday, May 17, 2014

We've Met Some Hefty Dinosaurs

Got back a little while ago from seeing Sue, the biggest T Rex ever discovered, and now this makes Sam plotz:

Paleontologists in Patagonia, southern Argentina on Friday announced they have unearthed a 90-million-year-old fossil of what they claim is the largest dinosaur found to date.

“It’s the largest example ever found,” said Ruben Cuneo, director of the Feruglio Museum of Trelew, a city founded by Welsh settlers in the 1860s.

The new kind of dinosaur dwarfs even the Argentinosaurus, the previous largest contender. It is a 40-metre (130-foot) long sauropod discovered in farmland about 260km (160 miles) from the town of Trelew.

The dinosaur weighed about 80 tons, the equivalent of 14 grown elephants, said the museum director. A complete skeleton was found in a field discovered by a farm worker last year, where up to seven such complete skeletons are believed to exist, in the locality of El Sombrero.

So cue one of our favorite songs!


PS--Sam, what do you want to be when you grow up?  "I want to be a 'pantologist' like Dr Scott."  We've gotta work on his enunciation...

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