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Sunday, March 09, 2014

Rick Perry's Right, Government Can Only Do A Few Things

Just a few:

... not much, just a "few things," such as national defense, a postal service, the regulation of commerce, the levying of taxes and disbursement of revenue, civil rights, a promotion of the general welfare, "all" legislative powers and the right to declare war, the supervision of elections, the power to borrow money, the power of impeachment, the power to amend and enlarge the constitution, the regulation of immigration and naturalization, the establishment of bankruptcy laws, the coinage of money, the promotion of "Science and useful Arts," the formulation of a judicial system, the oversight of treaty approval, the creation of executive departments, the power of pardons, the protection of free speech and religion and assorted other rights, and a presidency to pursue "measures as he shall judge necessary and expedient," which pretty much means anything one wishes it to mean ...

Apropos of Madame Cheez Whiz...


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