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Friday, January 11, 2013

Going Out In A Blaze Of Craycray

Fucked up:

INTERVIEWER: The attention-getter is saying that you're going to shoot some people.

YEAGER: Right.

INTERVIEWER: And when I hear you, I'm thinking, if someone comes to confiscate guns at your house, you're going to open fire on them?

YEAGER: Yes, yes.

Look, dude's straight up cray.  Doesn't understand a damned thing about the Constitution or Obama's actual powers, political reality, or anything.  He's just a dangerous whackaloon with lots of bullshit ricocheting around in his dystopian fantasy frenzied brain.  Which might be why his carry permit was suspended by his State (not the Feds).

But it's interesting that he threatens anybody who will come to take his guns.  Because that worked out really well for folks at Waco and Ruby Ridge.

Apropos of nothing, the first US Marshall to die in the line of duty lost his life on this date:

On January 11, 1794, Marshal Forsyth, accompanied by two of his deputies, went to the house of a Mrs. Dixon to serve a civil court process on two brothers, Beverly and William Allen. Beverly Allen, a former Methodist minister from South Carolina, saw the Marshal approaching, so he hid in a room on the second floor of the house. When Forsyth knocked on the door of the room, Allen fired his pistol at the direction of the knocking. The ball hit Forsyth in the head, killing him instantly. He was the first of over 200 Marshals arid Deputies killed in the line of duty. Although Forsyth's Deputies arrested the killer, Allen later managed to escape. He was never recaptured.

Forsyth, 40 years old at the time of his murder, left a widow and two sons. One of the boys, John, became governor of Georgia and, later, US. Minister to Spain. While at the latter post, he negotiated the treaty acceding Florida to the United States. John Forsyth also served as Secretary of State under Presidents Andrew Jackson and Martin Van Buren.  

But, you know, go ahead and claim you're a law-abiding citizen in the same breath as threatening to kill officers enforcing the (completely hypothetical, nahgahhappah) law.


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