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Monday, December 03, 2012

The Great Meadow Is Getting Crowded

Romp on, our sweet Kayla.  Say hi to all of our friends--we miss you all.


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awww, i'm so sorry to hear this. y'all have realy had a tough time lately.

Posted by: hipparchia | Dec 3, 2012 6:27:16 PM

Oh, no. I'm so sorry, NTodd. So soon, too soon. It's always too soon, though, for our animal friends to leave us.

Posted by: lea-p | Dec 3, 2012 8:47:22 PM

I hold you and Kayla in the Light.

Posted by: Mustang Bobby | Dec 4, 2012 12:56:10 AM

Oh no! So, so sorry - loved her from day one.

Posted by: Nancy in Detroit | Dec 4, 2012 7:06:32 AM

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