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Friday, December 07, 2012

Happy Motherfucking Hanukkah

We'll be getting our Hanukkah Bush tomorrow...


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HAhahahaha! Promise to put a blinged up grill on there!

Posted by: mnkid | Dec 7, 2012 10:18:25 AM

Fuckin' A!

I'll never forget the first holiday season 40 years ago with my g.f./d.p. Shelley. Shelley was a Swedish/Jewish-American, with cultural contributions from all parts; also an improviser of extempore songs... vocal line and guitar... in the manner of Sergiu Mendes, and as good as he was. How do I know? She lived in Brazil for a whlle, hung out with the Brasil 66 crowd and occasionally gigged with them. That didn't surprise me at all.

Shelley (named after the poet) and I (named after no one) each did our holiday things, and both learned a lot. Shelley made sure I learned the fun stuff first... what to do with a dreydl, the basics of playing klezmer music (how to make augmented 2nds everywhere for fun and profit), etc. I taught her some of the UU carols from "Hymns for the Cerebration of Strife" (yes, there is such a pamphlet, a parody of the then-UU hymnal) such as "Coffee, Coffee, Coffee" and "God rest ye merry, gentlefolk; let nothing you dismay; / Remember there's no evidence there was a Christmas Day," etc. Those were good days!

Posted by: Steve Bates | Dec 8, 2012 4:06:28 PM

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