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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Behind Every Great School There's An Uppity Woman

On October 28, 1636, the Great and General Court of Massachusetts voted to establish what eventually became Harvard:

The Court agreed to give 400 [pounds] towards a schoale or colledge,  wherof 200 [pounds] to bee paid the next yeare, and 200 [pounds] when the worke is finished, and the next Court to appoint wheare and what building.

According to American Jezebel:

[T]he Massachusetts court determined to build the colony's first college as a way of minimizing Hutchinson's threat. 'The college," which would later be named for the wealthy newcomer John Harvard, "is ordered to be at Newtown"...At a college, orthodox ministers would be able indoctrinate young men before they fell under the Antinomian spell.
[T]he colony determined to provide for the education of a new generation of ministers and theologians who would secure New England's civil and theological peace against future seditious Mrs. Hutchinsons "when our present ministers shall lie in the dust"...At Harvard we may seek her memorial in vain, but without her it is difficult to do justice to the motivating impulse of our foundation. Inadvertent midwife to a college founded in part to protect posterity from her errors, Anne Marbury Hutchinson, ironically, would be more at home at Harvard today than any of her critics.

All women--all Americans--need to be uppity if we're to get anything good done...


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