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Monday, April 30, 2012


I submitted my final grades on Sunday, with very few students doing the traditional last minute "can I still submit stuff" ritual over the weekend, and I also deposited my last paycheck of this singular contract.  It's unclear if I will get another gig at the College in the Fall--my usual classes have been taken over by in-house instructors, and I've never known my fate until Midsummer anyway.  Such is the life of adjuncting SAHDs.

Anyway, I hope to pick up some loose change doing the IT equivalent of odd jobs while Ericka's on maternity leave, and I honestly wouldn't be able to complain about more opportunity to do the Gainfully Unemployed Father thing with Big Brazhoo Sam and Baby Zeeto Sadie.  We've made choices.  Still, some extra coin for web hosting, Neppy's insulin and gassing up the hybrid would be nice.

So I'm...dunno, either starting a new fundraiser or continuing or reviving the half-assed one I started months ago.  There are people in more need than us, and some blogs that are older and more popular than mine, but if you find value in the shit I post here or other places, well, a clink in the begging bowl would be much appreciated.


* I will come up with a bleg footer for each post later *

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Pictures of Big Brazhoo would help with the appeal. And the pack. And Vermont in Springtime. Mostly Sam.

Posted by: mnkid | May 1, 2012 5:12:31 AM

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