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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

This Is Real Occupation, Bibi!

Thank you, Rae!

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s address to the special joint meeting of Congress Tuesday afternoon was interrupted early on by [my friend and fellow Code Pinker, Rae Abileah, a 28-year-old Jewish activist of Israeli descent...she yelled, “stop Israeli war crimes.”]

The protester was removed, and the crowd in the chamber first booed her, then gave Netanyahu a standing ovation.

Netanyahu recovered quickly, going off his prepared text to say that “in our free societies, you can have protests,” pointing out that in the “you can’t have real protests in the farcical parliaments of Tehran and Tripoli. This is real democracy!”

Alas, you also can't have real protests in occupied Palestine:

As soon as the protestors reached the fence, Israeli soldiers started firing tear gas, rubber, tutu and live bullets and stink water causing the injuring of 17 years old Mohammad Abu Rahma who twisted his knee not to mention dozens of cases of asphyxia due to the tear gas. In the same time soldiers, hiding behind olive trees captured Iyad Al Khatib, 15 years old, beat him and took him away in an unknown place

5-6-7-8, Israel is a fascist state...


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