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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Separated At Birth?

We just got back a little while ago from NTodd's Pa's.  Ericka had another migraine come on early this AM and it abated a bit with some Excedrin Migraine, but returned with a vengeance so we headed home earlier than planned.  That said, it was a lovely Thanksgiving--one of the most relaxed and pleasant ever--and Sam finally got to meet Great Grammy.

GG noted that her great-grandson has some typical Pritsky features and reminds her of NTodd's Pa's Pa, Boris.  She also said, though, that his younger brother looked even more like Sam, and I think she's right, though that's not the only similarity.

A few turkeys ago NTodd's Pa's Ma gave me a picture of the family; last December NTodd's Pa gave me a couple of a little stinker who grew up to blog.  And through the magic of Photoshop:

On the right, Samuel Pritsky, 2009.  In the middle, Nathaniel Pritsky, 1970.  On the left...Samuel Pritsky, circa 1922.  We ain't triplets--and we're different ages in pictures of different quality taken at different angles and whatnot--but there is a family resemblance, da?


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The circa 1922 and the circa 2009 look a lot alike. You all have big soulful eyes.

Posted by: mnkid | Nov 28, 2009 2:48:25 PM

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