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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Shut It Down Tomorrow

A reminder from monkeyfister

Call in sick tomorrow-- whatever it takes-- STAY HOME.

Shut It Down

As this administration as well as the elected Democratic congress has ignored our constant pleas to end the Iraq war and deal responsibly with domestic issues here at home. A few fellow bloggers and myself have proposed a nationwide work stoppage on October 17,2007. We encourage all working people to call in sick or whatever excuse that may be had to make an economic impact in hopes of bringing attention to the Iraq war and other important issues facing the United States today.

We ask you to not go to work, keep your children home, and cook your food at home. Don't go to the store, just stay home-- perhaps go to the park-- free places.


We'll be hosting these events often, and regularly until it catches on, and folks wake up to what must be done to get our Nation back in the hands of THE PEOPLE, and OUT of the clutches of the Corporations.

Yes. This is a General Strike. Tomorrow is Day One, if we want it.

Call in sick, tomorrow.

If you don't feel you can join the strike this time, consider other actions such as engaging in a slow-down or boycotting in support, donating your day's wages to a peace-oriented organization, putting up a sign, holding a vigil.  And then work out how you can join the next strike (in November?).


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