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Thursday, July 20, 2006

A Discordant Society

At the NAACP convention:

THE PRESIDENT: I understand that many African Americans distrust my political party.
AUDIENCE: Yes! (Applause.)

That apparently was the biggest applause line of Bush's speech today.  Can't imagine why.

In the Media Understatement Category, the AP says: Bush knows many blacks distrust GOP.  Many?  Try "vast majority of blacks."  11% went for Bush in 2004, and 86% disapprove of his job as preznit.  Still trying to obscure just how unpopular the guy is.  Pathetic.

The linked article also notes that "some" (I would guess really meaning "many") NAACP members were disappointed that Bush didn't bring up the war in Iraq.  Odd, since he invoked Martin Luther King, Jr, albeit in a stilted and backhanded fashion:

I went [to the Lorraine Motel, where MLK was killed] which is now the National Civil Rights Museum. By the way, if you haven't been there, you ought to go.

Uh, yeah, and then maybe you can go to Six Flags and make it a fun-filled trip for the whole family.  It'll be a hoot!  But I digress.

Anyway, Dr King eventually tied the war in Vietnam to the struggle for civil rights and a just society, notably in his "Beyond Vietnam" speech exactly one year before his murder:

Now it should be incandescently clear that no one who has any concern for the integrity and life of America today can ignore the present war. If America's soul becomes totally poisoned, part of the autopsy must read "Vietnam." It can never be saved so long as it destroys the deepest hopes of men the world over. So it is that those of us who are yet determined that "America will be" are led down the path of protest and dissent, working for the health of our land.

Swap Iraq for Vietnam and one could make the same statement today.  Alas, Bush's entire address once again showed that he is really is unable to "transform the jangling discords of our world into a beautiful symphony of brotherhood."


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Everyday I say to myself, "he can't say anything stupider than that" and what does he do? He says something that is the dumbest thing I ever heard. It's a sad state of affairs when 68% of Americans are smarter than the President.

Posted by: phinky | Jul 20, 2006 9:22:39 PM

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