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Saturday, March 25, 2006

When Smart People Say Dumb Things


"Impeachment is an outlet for anger and frustration, which I share, but politics ain't therapy," said Rep. Barney Frank, a Massachusetts liberal who declined to sign the Conyers resolution. "Bush would much rather debate impeachment than the disastrous war in Iraq."

NTodd sadly shakes his head.

Barney, what do you think the impeachment debate would include if not the disastrous war in Iraq and the lies that led to it, not to mention illegal, unconstitutional warrantless wiretapping and all the other sins of this administration?  This is a way for the Dems to control the debate.

The snark about therapy is certainly clever, but wrong: impeachment is inherently a political act.  What's more, it is not just an outlet for anger and frustration, but a constitutional avenue to punish a president who has failed in his constitutional duties.


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