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Friday, March 31, 2006

What Are You Going To Do When You Go From Here To Iraq Or Something?

Howie Kurtz serves up a "shit sandwich" (say something nice, lay on the shit, then say something nice):

I was especially floored by the kidnapping of Jill Carroll and greatly relieved by her release yesterday.

Reporters for big news organizations, after all, generally travel with security details, while Carroll is a 28-year-old freelancer who went to Baghdad on her own, became a stringer for the Christian Science Monitor and clearly was bent on understanding Iraqi culture.

This is a courageous young woman.

I must say, though, that I found her first interview yesterday rather odd. Carroll seemed bent on giving her captors a positive review, going on about how well they treated her, how they gave her food and let her go to the bathroom. And they never threatened to hit her. Of course, as we all saw in those chilling videos, they did threaten to kill her. And they shot her Iraqi translator to death.

Why make a terrorist group who put her family and friends through a terrible three-month ordeal sound like they were running a low-budget motel chain?

Now perhaps this is unfair, for there is much we do not know.
[buncha stupid-ass "questions"]
Let's be grateful that Jill Carroll didn't wind up the latest victim.

It is unfair, you piece of shit.  As you note, there's much we don't know and speculating about it is absolutely useless and obviously only gives you an excuse to pose as a "thoughtful" questioner of Carroll's ordeal and first interview whilst really questioning her motives.

You're trying too hard to sound deep and serious.  Let her tell her story in her own goddamned time.  Until then just celebrate her bravery and her release, and shut the fuck up.


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She gives here first interview in the offices of the Iraqi Islamic Party because she was dropped off outside. This is the party of the Iraqi she was trying to interview on the day she was kidnapped, but he wasn't there, the kidnappers were.

She speaks Arabic and could reasonably suspect that there is a connection between the IIP and her abduction.

Anyone who thinks she is going to say anything negative until she is well and safely out of the country is insane. Anyone who thinks she is going to say very much negative if she hopes to to ever return to Iraq is insane.

It's easy to shoot your mouth off when you are not surrounded by people who are willing and able to shoot your head off.

Posted by: Bryan | Mar 31, 2006 11:18:35 AM

Amen, NTodd.

Posted by: Kath | Mar 31, 2006 3:12:22 PM

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