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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Tuesday Sunningblogging

With all the nice weather of late, I've been leaving the sliding back door open so The Boyz can come and go as they please while I work.  In the mornings, though, the deck is in the shade, so today they hung out together enjoying the sun on my otherwise unused front porch.

I tried getting a pic of Sam batting at Mex's tail, but anytime the dog sees me he's got to come over to say hi...


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Fun in the Sun!

hmmm...I've got a new idea for a movie:

Cats! In a Tree!

Posted by: geoduck2 | Mar 28, 2006 9:19:06 AM

It's great to see how well they're getting along now. I'll bet it feels soooooo good to be out in the sun!

Posted by: Sandy-LA 90034 | Mar 28, 2006 9:31:00 AM

Yes, it seems you boyz have *all* banded together to see you through the tough times...

Posted by: NTodd's Pa's wife | Mar 28, 2006 10:27:09 AM

Another nice composition--and I love that spring porch feeling. I didn't see Sam's head at first, and thought, oh, the country, the stripes must be... squirrel? possum? Apparently I don't think in complete sentences & it involves a lot of commas!

Posted by: ina | Mar 28, 2006 10:37:19 AM

Mex: "No, you cannot come out here! This is for petz only!"

Posted by: watertiger | Mar 28, 2006 10:40:17 AM

"Daddy! Daddy! Daddy! Um, what was I going to say, ummm, oh yeah - Daddy! Daddy! Hi Daddy!"

Posted by: muddy | Mar 28, 2006 11:32:33 AM

Cats! In a Tree! ... will that be starring Samuel Jackson?

Posted by: ellroon | Mar 28, 2006 11:43:08 AM

Maybe this cat should star in Cats! In a Tree: http://www.boston.com/news/local/connecticut/articles/2006/03/28/neighbors_are_scared_of_cat/?p1=MEWell_Pos2

Posted by: ellroon | Mar 28, 2006 12:54:22 PM

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