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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Culture Of Life

Lovely people, the gay haters:

A teenager suspected of a hatchet and gun attack in a Massachusetts gay bar was captured here Saturday after a rural police officer was gunned down and a female passenger of the teen killed in a shootout with police several minutes later, state police said.

Although, it's funny that my marriage ended after Massachusetts let the queers start getting hitched, so maybe these wacko conservative types are on to something...


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I know a guy in VT who went down to a Red Sox game not long after civil union passed. Some idiot vandalized his car, and keyed "Go Home Fags" on it. So who is the guy with the damaged car mad at? You'd think it would be the Boston homophobe with the keys. But, sadly NO! He was mad at gays because it wouldn't have happened if not for them. "Damn fags" WTF??

I reminded him of how he is always championing the idea of good, Republican taking of personal responsibility. But he refused to blame the guy with the key. We haven't spoken since.

Posted by: muddy | Feb 5, 2006 7:10:28 AM

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