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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Rush To Judgement

I generally leave the media crit to Atrios and Media Matters, particularly when Rush Limbaugh is involved, but experiencing a bout with paradoxical insomnia (didn't I say earlier that I'm exhausted?), I decided to check out the druggie's site just for fun (plus my new love, the internment-advocating Flip with nasty big pointy teeth, was being boring).  And he provided a double-header, folks!

First, some media crit from Rush himself:

Now, given that we've killed Al Qaeda's #2 or #3 guy about 756 times, this news isn't really all that earthshattering.  But the funny part is that the 'story' link goes to an AP article in the UK's Guardian about the story, and in the time it takes Rush to chew a handful of OxyContin, I was able to find it at the NYTimes, LATimes, and MSNBC.  Yeah, Rush, the media won't report this at all.

Speaking of silly manufactured outrage, get this:

Little Green Footballs has come up with another A-B, side by side photo comparison. Some anti-war protester put on some black hood and a black robe as though he were the grim reaper, he was standing on a box with his arms outspread as though he were on a cross and the media has a cropped picture of this. That's the AP picture. But a guy from Getty Images was behind this scene, and he took a picture of this protester in the black hood and the black robe from behind. And his full picture shows that the only people that were standing around this protester were all the media photographers. There were no other protesters. It was just a handful, maybe eight or ten photographers taking this guy's picture, and AP plasters the cropped picture all over the wires as though this is just one of, what was it, a hundred thousand, 300,000 protesters?

The whole thing, folks, is a lie. It's a distorted bit of reality.

Don't suppose it's anything like a little staged statue toppling, eh?  What's more, is Mr. Big Pharma really saying that photogs getting a dramatic picture of a protester somehow proves that the rally, which I witnessed with my own eyes and photographed myself, wasn't ABSOLUTELY HUGE?  Ooh, somebody alert the media!


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Why do they say that the guy in the black hood was the Grim Reaper? It looks like he was recreating that infamous photo from Abu Ghraib of the torture victim in a black hood standing on a box with wires coming off of him.

Posted by: Willow | Sep 28, 2005 5:49:56 AM

Because Rush is stupid and/or wouldn't want to talk about Abu Ghraib's frat hazing...

Posted by: NTodd | Sep 28, 2005 8:13:18 AM

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