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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Close The Door Behind Me

See everybody when we see you.  Remember, there's rain enough for everyone...

* 14th Blegiversary: wanna help feed our oxen? *

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Sunday, June 11, 2017

Worse Than Whitewatergate

I've told you people before, my first political memory is Nixon's waving just before boarding Marine One for the last time.  Sam's won't be Lord Dampnut's doing the same, but one hopes it'll be a close second.  His first will be that dark morning after election day, a play in one act:

Sam to Principal Dodge: Donald Trump won the election last night.  We're all gonna die.

Principal Dodge to Sam: Let's go sit down and talk a bit, Sam.



* 14th Blegiversary: wanna help feed our oxen? *

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"You Have Died Of Dysentery."

Go West and grow up with the country.

 - Horace Greeley, 1854

Before rumor festers into fake news: the Garstka-Pritsky clan is hitching oxen to our wagons and heading West for an extended period of time.

The prime driver is significant health issues our family has been struggling with for a year--blogging about such will commence at some point--combined with a need to get to Oregon to be near to the support offered by a pair of grandparents, three sets of aunts & uncles, and numerous other relations.  Also, too, closer proximity to responsive medical care, in contrast to the lackluster level of service we've received here in Vermont which has driven us, literally (literally) to Boston for more adequate attention from specialists.

So, we begin a road trip in a couple weeks, almost 9 years exactly after Ericka, Neppy, and I piled into a car in PDX to make the Eastward Crossing.  This time, it's 2 dogs and 2 kids in tow, heading the opposite direction.

We're not reversing the trip, but rather finding some new adventures along a new route.  First major stop will be Gettysburg, where we'll be forcing the kids to run up the same hill Ericka did when she was pregnant with Sam (no more free rides for him).

We are keeping the house in Fletcher for now, as we are truly not sure what the future holds beyond the next few months, let alone years.  There will be a caretaker family living here, feeding the cats until we know more.

Dunno how much blogging of this adventure will occur.  2017 is a different world than 2008, and I might rely more on Instagram and Twitter and Facebook than the longer-form stuff, but we'll see.  That certainly won't stop me from noting that this here blog--which has devolved mostly into reposts, poetry, and YouTubes--is celebrating its 14th Blegiversary on June 14th.  Yup, I still kick it old school, my beloved 3.25 readers...


* 14th Blegiversary: wanna help feed our oxen? *

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Thursday, May 18, 2017


Can we have him--or his primary opponent--back, please?


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Thursday, May 04, 2017


Been bad about TBT, so here's some meta.


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Thursday, April 20, 2017


Apropos of Sam's writing assignment the other day: "I want to be a 'pantologist' like Dr Scott."


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Wednesday, April 19, 2017


The Museum:

I was with my mom and dad and we were going to a museum.  I was 4 it was in 2014 it was in the day then we still were not there.  It felt like hours. [ed. note: it did, in fact, take hours] But still not there yet.  

I was looking out the window.  It was fun.  It was butiful [sic].  I did not sleep.  Then we got some food then we were close.  Then it was very close.  I could not wait.  

Then we got more food. [ed. note: we like food] Before we were there.

We got to New York. [ed. note: in reality, it was southern VT]  Then we were at the museum.  Then I got to see the t-rex skeleton.  

Then we got a book about Sue.  I was very happy.  Sue was the biggest t-rex ever.  [ed. note: close enough for gummint work]

Samuel Pritsky.


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Thursday, April 13, 2017


I've been remiss.  Here's one from 178 weeks ago.

Sadie's been walking through the woods to our school for 4 years--since she had to be carried in my backpack so we could accompany Samuel to pre-k.  Of course she's been walking on her own for quite some time.  And it can be so infuriating sometimes.

Yesterday, our little princess refused to go to school.  Eh, fine, we choose our battles.  So she got to chill in her footie jammies for a special day of hooky.

Ericka went out to run errands in the middle of the day, which is no big deal because Sadie's actually pretty good when I'm working.  She was a little needy, demanded a cuddle, and I told her we could in a bit.  Then she asked if she could go over to Atticus' house--uh, no, duh, he's at school.

I had to hop onto a call, and when I was done went into the living room to find the cuddlebug.  Front door wide open.  No sign of daughter.  Well.  Shit.

I figured she defiantly went over Atticus' house after I deferred cuddling, thus I stepped over the old stone wall to look for her.  Then I get a text from Ericka: the school called [ed note: they called our landline first while I was outside] and you have to go retrieve Sadie.

Yeah, so, I dash across the woods, and she's just hanging out with the other pre-school class in the library for storytime.  In her footie jammies (credit: she did put on shoes).  Extraction operation complete.  Crossing the playing field, a smiling Sadie waves bye to everybody like she's leading a fucking parade.

Apparently the Town Clerk's younger daughter had bumped into her when Sadie first wandered over, checked to see if she were okay.  "I'm just looking for my big bruddah."

When I asked Sadie about that, she replied, "Oh yes, I made a new best friend!"  Okay, that's nice, but that whole thing was uncool, dude.  "Sorry, Daddy, I won't do it again.  I just wanted to go play with Sam."

It was a lot cuter after I got over the heart attack.  Now...is hobbling children considered bad parenting?  Asking for a friend.


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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Sadly, We Didn't Meet This Guy

Times have changed, and apparently you don't just bump into characters these days, but have to go to an appearance: my kids were looking for Goofy to apologize for their father, who at Age 5 punched the poor dog in his stomach.  So...atonement next time.


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So We Met This Guy

Say what you will about how evil a corporation Disney is, at least they make the monorail run on time, and magically make kids happy (not to mention Daddy happy with their cool app).


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Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Knowledge Is Power

Sade: Some girls know everything.

Me: Are you one of those girls?

Sadie: Oh yes.  I do.

Me: What about daddies?

Sadie: Well, some know some stuff.  Some know LOTS of stuff.

Me: Do I know lots of stuff?

Sadie: You know 4 stuffs.  You know how to give presents.  And give hugs.  And how some stuff works.  And cooking.

Me: Cool.


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Saturday, January 14, 2017

Typical Narcissist Personality Disorder

PEEONUS needs White Saint Putin to balance Black Devil Lewis (and all the other sinners).  Papa's home, America!


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Friday, December 16, 2016

Everybody Talks About The Weather, But Nobody Posts Online About It

After interal reorganization, vendor migration, and whatnot, I finally have gotten the Compound's world famous weather station and webcam back online.  Revel in how warm your domicile is compared to ours!  Thanks, Al Gore!


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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Don't Hate Me Because My Job Is Beautiful

After decades of teaching about how remote workforces are happy workforces, I finally have a job at a company that actually believes it.  My office is in the Vermont woods, our worldwide HQ is in the heart of Boston town.  

Today at our weekly check-in WebEx, the boss reminded me to push back if I feel overwhelmed and need more space to take care of my family.  Yesterday, president Rocco admonished the entire organization to wrap ourselves in our families' love over the holidays--he'll lead by example and be completely offline for the duration.

I did feel compelled to wear a collared shirt for my video conferences, but kept my flannel jammie pants on the entire day whilst doing customer security reviews.  Indeed, we all live under tyranny.


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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

most of the working and paying and living and dying in this community

My awesome company, part of the change we need, in Fortune:

[H]ealth is affected by plenty of factors beyond insurance coverage and the way that medical providers treat patients. And that's why Trump's choices to lead other critical, if less high-profile, organizations like the Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) may also harbor consequences for Americans' wellness.

That's because access to basic social needs like heating, electricity, food, and medicine can play a significant role in health outcomes, according to a new study published in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine. 

The nonprofit group Health Leads—which screens patients for these very necessities and works to provide them with assistance through community organizations—teamed up with Massachusetts General Hospital to assess how much these factors could affect health. The results were striking: of 1,774 patients who visited various Massachusetts General primary care facilities over about a year and a half and were found to have unmet social needs, 1,021 wound up participating in Health Leads' program—and these patients actually saw an improvement in both their blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

Like climate change, dealing with human heath is a bit more complicated than certain people realize.  But is it really hard to understand that Americans might be healthier if they had access to shelter, food, transportation, etc?


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Saturday, November 26, 2016

I Don't Condone Violence, But Sometimes It's Wicked Cute

Sadie, "reading" me a story from my antique Longfellow volume:

One day, Hillary Clinton was in a stockline.  That's a place where you get clothes for your husband.  And Donald Trump was there, so she punched him in the face.

It's nice that our entire family will be sent to the camps.


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Friday, November 25, 2016


Blame the tryptophan for my forgetting this TBT from 148 weeks ago: "Picking up Sam. -4F. Not bad."


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Thursday, November 17, 2016


Running from danger, 129 weeks ago.


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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Vision And Values

I've been meaning to post about this for a while, but life has been a whirlwind of late for a variety of reasons.  Anyway, I just got home a little while ago from a few days in Boston, onboarding (as the HR kids say these days) with a cool non-profit:

Health Leads is a social enterprise that envisions a healthcare system that addresses all patients’ basic resource needs as a standard part of quality care.

For 20 years, Health Leads has worked with leading healthcare organizations to tackle social co-morbidities by connecting patients to the community-based resources they need to be healthy – from food to transportation to healthcare benefits.

Health Leads is committed to leveraging its tools, expertise and direct services to change what “counts” as healthcare – and accelerate the leadership, best practices, incentives and research required to improve the health and well-being of patients.

Pretty damned cool, right?

I wanted to put this in the context of last week's election at some point, and talk more about our mission and values, as well as what it is we do to make the vision a reality.  That elaboration has to wait until I have some more energy after an immersive introduction to an awesome corporate culture with incredible people dedicated to doing good.

Oh, yeah, I forgot: my job is Director of Information Security.  So I'm in charge of making sure everything we do complies with HIPAA regs as well as meets the needs of strategic partners to ultimately change how America delivers healthcare (which has only become more important since November 8).  Amongst other things.

Still just trying to effect change however I can.  Nice to make some money doing it for a change.


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Friday, October 14, 2016


I've been busy with Operation Vaguebooking, so blogging has suffered.  Anyway, here's Ericka from several years ago, looking somewhat like her future daughter.


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