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Thursday, November 30, 2017

Scripture, Schmipture

QuakerSpeak on a letter by George Fox in 1663 to Quakers who were in prison:

 If you take out the biblical allusions, you’re basically left with a few conjunctions and some random punctuation. And believe me, punctuation was really random in the 17th century. And so by catching all of these allusions, by hearing these biblical echoes, you encounter a kind of layered-ness of meaning. Not that he was writing in a secret code, but rather he was using what early Friends experienced as the language of the soul, because for them the biblical story was not just something that happened long ago, it was something that happens within each reader. It is re-lived. Each of us has our own exile, each of us has our own exodus as well, each of us has a return to the land flowing with abundance.

And so what’s the value of hearing those biblical echoes is that I think we can appreciate the depth of the experience that early Friends had and we can feel even more fully invited into them.

Shibboleth to us, not the Roy Moores of our age...


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