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Sunday, July 09, 2017

They sleep who know a regulated place or pulse or tide or changing sky

In Memoriam: Martin Luther King, Jr.:

honey people murder mercy U.S.A.   
the milkland turn to monsters teach   
to kill to violate pull down destroy   
the weakly freedom growing fruit   
from being born 
tomorrow yesterday rip rape   
exacerbate despoil disfigure   
crazy running threat the   
deadly thrall 
appall belief dispel 
the wildlife burn the breast   
the onward tongue 
the outward hand 
deform the normal rainy   
riot sunshine shelter wreck 
of darkness derogate 
delimit blank 
explode deprive 
assassinate and batten up 
like bullets fatten up 
the raving greed 
reactivate a springtime 
death by men by more 
than you or I can 

June Jordan.


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