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Monday, July 17, 2017

The Earl Of Shit Sandwiches

While I've not blogged it, I am certainly amused by David Brook's love of fancy sandwiches at Applebee's.  Which brings me to this bowl from the poetic salad bar:

It’s November 1969 and Ms. Smith is trying to buy a cheese sandwich at the Horn & Hardart Automat on West 23rd Street in Manhattan. When she finds herself a dime short, Ginsberg approaches her and asks if he can help. He offers her the extra 10 cents and also treats her to a cup of coffee. The two are talking about Walt Whitman when Ginsberg suddenly leans forward and asks if she’s a girl.

“Is that a problem?” she asks.

He laughs and says: “I’m sorry. I took you for a very pretty boy.”

“Well, does this mean I return the sandwich?”

“No, enjoy it. It was my mistake.”

Late nite poetry blogging shortly...


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