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Monday, July 17, 2017

So, About Those Sammiches

Another Insane Devotion:

This was gruesome—fighting over a ham sandwich                   
with one of the tiny cats of Rome, he leaped 
on my arm and half hung on to the food and half 
hung on to my shirt and coat. I tore it apart 
and let him have his portion, I think I lifted him 
down, sandwich and all, on the sidewalk and sat 
with my own sandwich beside him, maybe I petted 
his bony head and felt him shiver. I have 
told this story over and over; some things 
root in the mind; his boldness, of course, was frightening 
and unexpected—his stubbornness—though hunger 
drove him mad. It was the breaking of boundaries, 
the sudden invasion, but not only that it was 
the sharing of food and the sharing of space; he didn't 
run into an alley or into a cellar, 
he sat beside me, eating, and I didn't run 
into a trattoria, say, shaking, 
with food on my lips and blood on my cheek, sobbing...

Gerald Stern.


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