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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

When that shot was fired, the standard of royalty went down forever upon this continent

Mass Gov Frederic Greenhalge, proclaiming the first Patriots’ Day in 1894,

This is a day rich with historical and significant events which are precious in the eyes of patriots. It may well be called Patriots' Day. On this day, in 1775, at Lexington and Concord, was begun the great war of the Eevolution ; on this day, in 1783, just eight years afterwards, the cessation of war and the triumph of independence were formally proclaimed ; and on this day, in 1861, the first blood was shed in the war for the Union.

Thus the day is grand with the memories of the mighty struggles which in one instance brought liberty and in the other union to the country. It is fitting, therefore, that the day should be celebrated as the anniversary of the birth of liberty and union. Let this day be dedicated to solemn, reli- gious, and patriotic services, which may adequately express our deep sense of the trials and tribulations of the patriots of the earlier and of the latter days, and also especially our gratitude to Almighty God, who crowned the heroic struggles of the founders and preservers of our country with victory and peace.

And future historians will revel in the developments of this day in 2017: our liberation from Bill O'Reilly, and modern New England Patriots refuse to pay obeisance to royalty.


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