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Sunday, April 23, 2017

Amity Island Welcomes You

Help!! Shark!

“Jaws” was actually one of the first books I read that I then saw as a movie, and I remember sitting in the theater, all of 12, confused by the disparities. In Peter Benchley’s book, marine biologist Matt Hooper is a Robert Redford type, tall, blond and handsome, who has an affair with Chief Brody’s wife, and who gets his in the end in the shark cage; yet in Steven Spielberg’s movie he’s short, bearded and Jewish, nothing happens with the Mrs., and in the end he pops up after the shark is blown to bits. “They got it wrong!” I remember thinking. Yeah: They made it better.

Yeah, Spielberg took a very short passage at the end of Benchley's book and made it longer and more dramatic.  But did we need Quint's nails on the chalkboard?

Anyway, movies are a different medium, as I always say.  I never expect film to match up perfectly with the book.  Because that would be fatuous.


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