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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Hardly a man is now alive who remembers that famous day and bike ride...

Albert Hoffman chats with Timothy Leary about the first ever LSD trip on April 19, 1943:

AH: That house is where we lived at the time. I never thought I would get home that day. My assistant who had ridden with me at my request asked permission to leave. I told her fine, but in fact I was in a panic. My wife and children were away. It was just me. I barely managed to crawl to my bed.

TL: It was the first bad trip, too. There was no precedent. You must have thought you'd poisoned yourself.

Albert: But in the end it was good. In the morning it was fantastic.

When I was canoeing in the Allagash back in '85, my sternsman and I decided to name our boat The Physcadelic [sic] Cow.  I'll never forgive my sternsman for spelling it wrong, but my penmanship has always sucked so he necessarily had to be in charge.  Still, it was a fun trip.


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