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Wednesday, March 08, 2017

World's Greatest Blog Post

This is certainly true, so far as it goes:

This morning, left-leaning reporters were giddy over the discovery of what seemed to be the formal legal name of the GOP’s ballyhooed alternative to the Affordable Care Act, which was unveiled to much criticism from all sides of the political spectrum this week. House Resolution 1275, introduced by Texas Rep. Pete Sessions on March 1, was called the “World’s Greatest Healthcare Plan of 2017,” a perfectly Trumpian title made even funnier by the fact that the Republicans’ Obamacare replacement already seems doomed to fail. The press ate it up: “Donald Trump’s Obamacare replacement officially called ‘World’s Greatest Healthcare Plan of 2017’,” reads the Independent’s headline, one of many that expressed a similar sentiment.

The only problem with this narrative is the fact that House Resolution 1275, though a real bill, isn’t the GOP’s Obamacare replacement. Sessions introduced his bill on March 1, hoping that House Speaker Paul Ryan would choose it as the party’s official alternative to the ACA. But as Lachlan Markay at the Daily Beast notes, Ryan and his team modeled their legislation after a bill introduced by former Rep. Tom Price, who is now Trump’s HHS Secretary. (Sessions introduced a similar bill with the name The World’s Greatest Healthcare Plan Act of 2016 last year, which would have partially repealed Obamacare, but it went nowhere, and this will almost certainly go nowhere too.) The Ryan healthcare plan–that is, the healthcare plan that is currently being hotly debated as the ACA replacement–is tentatively being called the American Health Care Act, and will probably keep that name if and when it is signed into law.

I have often cautioned people to not freak out over any particular bill, since 85.43% die horrible deaths at various points in the sausage machine.  That said, there's no harm in having some fun with the name of the other proposal, and in fact has a significant point in highlighting the general attitude of these fuckers.  Not our fault that Ryan has a smidge better sense of branding than Sessions...


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