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Sunday, January 01, 2017


I suppose the biggest problem I have with the Russia Hacking Story is the way so many people are shrugging it off.  "Show us proof!"  they say.  Or, "everybody is hacking and spying, so what?"  Or, "we've tampered with other elections, so we deserve it."

We clearly have gotten the government we deserve, I guess.

Fuck it.  Fight it.  It's all the same.


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And then it descends into vague conspiracy theories involving several intelligence agencies and the FBI, as well as the White House and some of the Senate (at least), counter-balanced only by Glenn Greenwald (no, seriously). Because the latter says there is no evidence, and how can you argue with that, especially since nobody on the other side can be trusted. Well, not about this; maybe about other things. Depending on what they say about those other things.....

I'll retire to Bedlam. Conspiracy theory is now the reigning form of on-line argument.

Posted by: Rmj | Jan 1, 2017 5:22:12 PM

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