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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Is Our Dictators Learning?

Inside the Global Battle for Democracy:

Today’s twenty-first-century authoritarians crave the type of legitimacy that only the law can provide. For regimes that seek to mask their true nature behind a democratic facade, the law is one of the most powerful weapons they can wield. It offers the government the pretense it requires to accomplish its aims, all without stepping out of the shadows.

Thus, if you seek to disband an NGO, you don’t arrest its membership. You send health inspectors to temporarily close its headquarters, pending a review of a series of alleged health code violations...Law, regulation, and procedure can be a dictator’s most effective tools for strangling an opponent, precisely because these weapons appear to be benign, apolitical, and objective.

Indeed, even the Electoral College appears to be benign, apolitical, and objective.  Which is why I implore Drumpf to call for a 50-state recount and audit of all ballots to make sure we know just how many fraudulent votes have been cast!


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