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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Still Pink After All These Years

Pilgrims in an unholy land:

On Monday, Code Pink carried their message inside the Quickens Loan Arena, disrupting speeches throughout the day. Alli McCracken, the organization’s co-director, initiated the effort. She stood with a banner that reads “Yes We Can End War!” during Senator Jeff Session’s speech, counteracting the rhetoric of the convention with Code Pink’s message.

“Trump’s hate makes us unsafe!” she yelled. “Stop Trump’s Islamophobia! Stop Mike Pence’s war on women!” She resisted those who attempted to wrestle away her banner — the man seated in front of her gave the cloth an especially violent tug.
Both McCracken and [a] second protestor were removed by security. The Hillreports that as the latter left with her “Refugees Welcome” banner, former Mayor Rudy Giuliani—at the podium during her protest—said, “It means we are getting to them.”

Naturally Mayor Nounverb911 has it backwards...


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Dunno if it was Code Pink, but a protester with a banner got into the convention hall during prime time last night.

The banner read: "STOP THE HATE! STOP THE RACISM!" (or words to that effect).

A delegate in the audience kept trying to hide it behind an American flag. The symbolism was delicious.

Posted by: Rmj | Jul 20, 2016 9:46:42 AM

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